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A Sitcom of a Genie and an Army dude.

Posted : 7 years, 11 months ago on 30 November 2010 05:04 (A review of I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970))

When looking back at the good ol' 60's, special effects were not excellent by any means. However in I Dream of Jeannie, the effects were considered superb and made scenes funny with lots of laughs, all in the same sense. Nowadays the once "glamorous" editing and making objects move by Jeanie, are quite hilarious and ridiculous.

It's an enjoyable show involving Major. Nelson, whom was oddly played by a few people, and his "genie" Jeannie :p Nelson always has projects going on with the need of Jeannie's assistance and she either helps him or causes zany trouble. Jeanie was played by Barbara Eden and she was quite the looker if I do say so myself..I'm not even attracted to most blondes but she was lovely back in the day. I'd assume her outfit would have caused slight controversy in the 60's. Showing skin and cleavage hahaha. Anyways she was hilarious and perfect for the role of a genie. Nelson was mainly played by Larry Hagman. Although they're were a couple actors playing this role, he was the most suited for it. He was humorous and odd which gave me laughs.

Although the show had editing flaws, it's purpose was to give you laughs and be entertained by a Jeannie and an army man and the crazyness that ensues.

Rating: 7.3/10

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Yes! No Beyonce

Posted : 7 years, 11 months ago on 29 November 2010 05:16 (A review of The Pink Panther 2)

My parents showed me the ol' Pink Panther movie with Peter Sellers and I watched the cartoons whenever they came on cartoon network..or whatever. I was intrigued by the idea of a newer film with Steve Martin, can't be bad right?...Incorrect! The first film was quite dreadful and a disgrace to Pink Panther. I mean they had Beyonce??? She's awful!

On to this film..being definitely skeptical, I was expecting a more decent film..mainly because Beyonce would not be in it(Praise God!). The plot isn't great, however Steve Martin was a bit funnier, John Cleese gave me laughs I mean he's brilliant! Oh and who replaced Beyonce? The STUNNING Aishwarya Rai. Oh man! My eyes lit up and I gasped (wow!), When she first appeared. She's a superb "bollywood" actress and her beauty and acting are far superior than Beyonce..sorry.

That was the main highlight of the film to me..pretty sad really. Rai made the film decent. Without her this film would have been a 2 star rating for me. The French accent, although annoying to some, was too stereotypical and not even funny hahaa. With better writing, this movie could have been a lot better. I'm hoping they do NOT make another Panther film.

Rating: 5.4/10

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Mr. Nobody an Underrated Giant

Posted : 7 years, 11 months ago on 27 November 2010 03:32 (A review of Mr. Nobody)

Yea this film is easily the most underrated unheard of film of the year. The bizarre factor in this movie is off the charts and it stuns me as I begin to think about the film to try and wrap my brain around just even the CONCEPT of the film itself hahaha. Mr. Nobody is quite deep and not for the average viewer..they wouldn't handle it well.

Jared Leto...who would think that someone with above average singing talent, could turn out to be a versatile actor. I knew that he was in Fight Club, with a small role and a few other films but never expected him to star in such a gem as this. My friend Ryan showed me this film, after he watched it in Russia with some people with little knowledge of the film and I was very impressed by the movie suggestion..

Anyways Leto plays this character: Nemo. Nemo, the cast and freakin' directer/writer Jaco Van Dormael begin to twist you're mind as if you began listening to The Number Twelve Looks Like You.

I compare this film to Inception due to similar ideas, imagery and mind screws they both produce on your brain. There's a very Matrix-y feel to the movie as well..the film definitely has quite a bit of sci-fi as well as
Drama/fantasy/romanticism..that's what I could guess classify this film as.

Juno Temple, Toby Regbo and Diane Kruger have stellar performances and suit their roles very well. Leto steals the movie with no exceptions tho. I still can't believe that this is a foreign film and I never heard of it before and...no-one really knows about it. In The United States, this film would be quite extravagant and be a 90Million plus grosser..in my opinion.

The ending of the film, depending on what you gather, could either leave you with questions, confused or marveled..heck or all 3 hahaa. It's quite weird, it gave me a few chuckles and it's just a very well directed/written film. If you told me Nolan directed it, I would believe you easily. Mr. Nobody is that good. I don't recommend kids, panicky or people that get freaked out easily ..to watch the film. It's dark and very interesting however it could screw with someone enough to question things.

Dislikes Clocking at around 2 hours and 30 minutes, the film could shed 15-25 minutes. I enjoy long films but even this felt a bit long in some areas of the movie.

I recommend everyone to find this film and watch it. Some will get it and some wont. Either way I loved it and hope to watch it again and buy it eventually. Saying that it's one of the best films of 2009, is not strange by any means and it deserves to be recognized.

Rating: 9.8/10

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A Well Designed Album

Posted : 7 years, 11 months ago on 24 November 2010 01:47 (A review of Design Your Universe)

--If you think Epica may seem just like any other "symphonic" band...a few listens of their 4th studio album Design Your Universe, are necessary. Epica is rising to fame for a reason: they show superb musicianship, talent.. and unnoticed writing ability that goes along with their unique concept albums.

The concept and lyrics are inspired by quantum physics and how each human is connected to each other on a "subatomic level"..yea interesting stuff, along with their defining sound of growling and exquisite Mezzo Soprano vocals of Simone Simons

Mark Jansen and Coen Janssen are geniuses of the metal world..yet aren't as popular as they should be. The guitar riffs may seem like a bunch of "chugging", however look deeper and listen for the technicality and precision locked into their notes. The HEAVIEST song with the most growling would have to be Semblance of Liberty. This track does feature their amazing choir, they've assembled along with Simone jumping into the mix now and again. It's quite fast as well, the drumming by Arien van Weesenbeek is exceptional and frankly underrated in the drumming world..in my opinion. Martyr of The Free World is the other heaviest track in my book and the two always get me ready to go "A-wall"!

To compliment the heaviness of most of these stellar tunes, you have beautiful, melodic, symphonic compositions by the group..such as : Tides of Time and White Waters. These two songs are lovely and top notch. Simone's voice ranges from soothing to powerful! She can change instantly and with no pitch problems(Live I didn't hear any off key notes or bad pitch from her). The chords are even interesting by the strumming/picking patterns Mark and Isaac use.

Other notable parts of the album, include two or 3? political clips from George H.W. Bush and President Obama. I didn't care for the Obama clip(political reasons), but the message through the interludes and political clips are pretty good.

Dislikes: I thought White Waters could have had more instruments..that's it.

After many many listens, I believe this is my favorite album from Epica and I hope more people buy this record and listen to it so much they wear it out:p This easily has become a "Top 100" album for me..there are no flaws in these 75 minutes of pure magic!

Rating: 9.9/10

The Tracks!:

Favorite Track Indicated with:$

Standout Tracks Indicated with: *

--1. Samadhi (Prelude)-----------------------------01:27

--2. Resign to Surrender (A New Age Dawns Part IV)--06:19

-*3. Unleashed--------------------------------------05:48

-*4. Martyr of the Free Word------------------------05:03

--5. Our Destiny------------------------------------06:00

-*6. Kingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns Part V)-----13:35

--7. The Price of Freedom (Interlude)---------------01:14

$*8. Burn to a Cinder-------------------------------05:41

--9. Tides of Time----------------------------------05:34

--10. Deconstruct------------------------------------04:14

-*11. Semblance of Liberty--------------------------05:42

-*12. White Waters----------------------------------04:44

--13. Design Your Universe (A New Age Dawns Part VI)09:29

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Everything but Terrible

Posted : 7 years, 11 months ago on 23 November 2010 03:25 (A review of Every Which Way But Loose)

I have read mixed reviews on this 100 million dollar grosser and wanted to see one of the most interesting career chances for Mr. Eastwood. Skeptical..sure but this film was hysterical and had everything to make a killer classic.

Critics believed this film would bust badly and many people working with Clint advised him to not dare make such a film...boy were they idiotic. This film was filled with "zingers" and great fight scenes. Characters like Orville (Geoffrey Lewis), as Eastwood's best friend was funny, goofy and a good companion to have around. We can't forget about the other main character other than Clint..Clyde the Orangutan. The "ape" worked well with Eastwood and the pair were priceless and zany together. I was crying from laughter at some scenes with Clyde messing with others around him.

The storyline and script were funny and caught me off guard sometimes hahaha Such as Clint's character jumping on someone from a tree and popping up like a freakin' ape making noises was unusual and hilarious for such a fine actor. The fight scenes aren't as cheesy as one would think, just ridiculously funny and makes you go "what just happened?"..like the "Black Widow" gang Laughed my balls off at their hilarity.

Dislikes The love interest for Philo(Clint Eastwood), Lynn(Sondra Locke). She was annoying and she needed a turkey dinner or she would keel over I mean really haha! She's frequent in Eastwood films and it's like ehh dumb after awhile.

Overall this film is a classic comedy and not a mistake in anyway. I'm quite glad Eastwood decided to change up his image and show his funny side. A Well done film!

Rating: 8.4/10

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Posted : 7 years, 12 months ago on 16 November 2010 02:18 (A review of Iron Man)

--The main reason I do not like this film, is the actors chosen for these particular characters.

Downey Jr....boy when I heard he was going to be Iron Man, I was disappointed..he comes off TOO annoying, cocky and smarmy...sure he's being Tony Stark, however in other films he's very much annoying and similar. Someone like John Hamm could have been a better choice. Hamm's a versatile actor: Excellent on Mad Men and hilarious on SNL.

Gwyenith Paltrow is a terrible choice. How So? Well her character is suppose to have at least SOME sort of chemistry with Tony Stark. I failed to see this be successful and Downey Jr. and her do not work well together. Possible replacement? Elizabeth Banks, Cate Blanchett, January Jones or others..just not Gwyneth.

Terrance Howard is not the best person for Rhodey. Cheadle was the clear choice, as he proves in the following sequel. I wish they casted him instead of Howard who came off as annoying and stiff.

Jeff Bridges? Physically looking, he's ideal for Obediah, but something was missing and I couldn't quite grasp what it was...oh well I can't think of a better actor but I don't think he was right for the role.

The storyline was pretty decent with some intriguing looking special effects no doubt. When Stark puts on the suit it's visually quite awesome and makes ya go ohhh yea! More action..more action. I felt more violence and drama could have been added to this film, rather than the "romanticism" of Stark and Pepper(Pepper? Really?...stupid name). The roof scene was a bit lengthy as well. I just didn't get the hype, over likable-ness of the film and I thought it needed improvements to make Iron Man more as he needs to be.

Rating: 5.3/10

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Cheadle and Rourke carry the film.

Posted : 7 years, 12 months ago on 16 November 2010 01:53 (A review of Iron Man 2)

I'm personally not into Iron Man, due to Stark's overly-cocky attitude. However, unlike the first film, I enjoyed the sequel. Cheadle, Johansson and Rourke carried the weight that Downey Jr. and Paltrow just can't handle.

With the additions of Scarlett and Don Cheadle, the film instantly became more impressive and the "bad A$$" factor along with it. Scarlett's lines may not have been prominent or..well noticeable, yet her presence and stunts in the film made up for the dialogue. Cheadle is truly a fine actor and deserves recognition as one. His one liners, although cheesy, were quite funny and outweighed Gwyneth's performance which was a mess.

Stark and Pepper's connection was unnoticed and to be honest had terrible chemistry. Downey and Paltrow don't flow well together and shouldn't work as a couple. Rourke was a great villain and pulled off the accent surprisingly well in my opinion. He's extremely rugged and knows how to act..plain and simple. Samuel Jackson's cameo was..decent so-to-speak, but didn't do much for the film besides one good laugh.

Whoever played Agent Allen was actually good as a bad guy. The job was to make you angry and think of him as a douche and he succeeded in acting naturally, very believable as a bad guy hahaa.

This film makes up for the stupidity of the first film. The action, dialogue and additional actors were much well thought out and I must give a tip of my hat to Jon Favreau for his directing. I'm not sure if there's another film following this, if so, I'd definitely watch it.

Rating: 7.2/10

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Lycans and Vampires!! RAWR!!

Posted : 8 years ago on 12 November 2010 02:37 (A review of Underworld (Unrated Extended Cut))

Kate Beckinsale is lovely and has been one of my favorite actors in the recent years. Interestingly enough I have never seen Underworld or the sequel!

On to Amazon I looked to captivate this dark, interesting thriller drama. The Collector's edition, was the cheapest(weird I know?), and anticipated it's arrival. Few days went by and Underworld came in a crystal clear, shiny almost brand new case and cover. The cover is quite lovely with suiting colors for the films "darkness". More under the picture haha.

I swear it weighs 2 pounds, "This is oddly heavy for a dvd I thought." I come to realize included it contains:

1. 2 discs.
2. 48 page limited edition comic book/strip. (Woo!)
3. 16 page Production sketch booklet.

I admit I was ecstatic at the booklets, that I wasn't expecting.

The first disc contains: Cast and Director commentary, which are usually funny and or insightful. TV Spots, Outtakes, some information about the story with a segment called Fang or Fiction and previews.

The second disc has a LOT of bonus material for the Underworld obsessor. Such as: Visual Effects of the film, "Designing Underworld" which deals with the designs and stages of the movie, "Look of Underworld" (haven't checked that out.) The making of the movie of course and..many featurettes involving stunts, make up and sound. Storyboard Comparison and a music video by Finch, are also included.

It appears that this DVD Unrated Extended version of the film, is the near PERFECT fit for those keen to these films..a must have you could say. I'm certainly glad I purchased this. It was made exceptionally well.

Rating: 9.4/10

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Alvestam..Not Needed

Posted : 8 years ago on 9 November 2010 05:10 (A review of Dark Matter Dimensions)

--Three records already to Scar Symmetry's repertoire, 2009 came and a new record Dark Matter Dimensions, was at hand for the legions of melodic death metal fans. Although Scar has many fans, they took a big risk involving one key member.

A big part of the atmosphere of the album is the fact that their vocalist for the past 3 albums (Christian Alvestam) was fired, due to "creative differences". Thousands of fans were utterly disappointed and were unsure, upset about the bands future. Some thought it would bring them to their demise and things would fall apart quickly. The replacements were two vocalists named Roberth Karlsson and Lars Palmqvist. I'll admit at the first listen of this album, I was a bit upset at the lack of Alvestam. I, then saw them in concert last year and was blown away by their vocal abilities and showmanship. Foolish of me to think these guys were "nothing compared to Alvestam", they were excellent replacements. Roberth took over the "Harsh" vocals on the album and Lars with the "clean" and sometimes "harsh" vocals, on DMD.

Lars-Clean and sometimes harsh vocals

Roberth Harsh Vocals

Lyrics/Vocals: Their lyrics deal with space and destruction, similar to their previous releases and the words seem to flow effortlessly, despite the complexity of some of the intriguing word choices, for these two singers.
Roberth's harsh vocals are as low and almost as powerful s Christian's. Lars is not as great as Alvestam, but it's phenomenal and worth listening to with no doubt in question.

Guitars: Jonas strikes again with some of the most ferocious, melodic riffs you wish you could play. On tracks like "Noumenon and Phenomenon" and "The Iconoclast"

Drums: Henrik's drumming is quite superb, I don't drum so I'm no expert, yet his fills are enchanting and extreme.

Standout Tracks: Noted by bold.

1.The Iconoclast--5:07
2.The Consciousness Eaters--4:42
3.Noumenon and Phenomenon--4:13
4.Ascension Chamber--3:48
5.Mechanical Soul Cybernetics--3:27
6.Non-Human Era--4:45
7.Dark Matter Dimensions--4:12
8.Sculptor Void--5:23
9.A Parenthesis in Eternity--4:43
11.Radiant Strain--4:15
12.Pariah (limited-edition digipak bonus track--5:22

Overall This album is easily a top contender for "best album" of 2009. It will be an iconic album in the future among the melodic death metal masses and people..go listen to it.

Rating: 8.9/10

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WOW This was on T.v.?

Posted : 8 years ago on 7 November 2010 05:54 (A review of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007))

I was flipping through stations on the good ol' t.v. and stumbled upon this "lovely film" on sci-fi. It caught my eye, due to the extreme gore. My jaw dropped with puzzlement at this horror. I'm still trying to figure out how this was on t.v...very graphic. It may seem like I'm exaggerating, but I was caught off guard.

--Henry Rollins is one guy you don't want to run into..especially if you are a cannibalistic hillbilly. The story is a sequel, that involves zany cannibals. They're also hillbillies that reminisce Deliverance and gets the creep factor seeping in to your feared skull. Teens.. of course, travel into these woods for adventure and promiscuity with no care about the sketchyness that surrounds their fate.

--There are so many moments that made me queezy, I'll admit I'm not a gore fan, it's rather sickening and..I'm not sick in the head..Anyways some scenes with Rollins are really "bad A$$", when dealing with these twisted deformed beings. I couldn't look away because I wanted to know how it would end, even though it's very gruesome and messed up.

Dislikes: The gore...waay too much for television that can be viewed by any kid looking for something to watch. It was on at 4 p.m.!! HAHa it's odd and amuses me.

Rating: 6.1/10

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